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The history of El Lobo goes back to 1725. Since then the tradition of making turrón has been passed down uninterrupted from father to son during ten generations.

The company has adapted over time, growing and converting itself into one of the most advanced yet traditional companies in the sector. With all the experience gained over the years the capacity to thrive in the present and future. The company is located in Jijona in a facility measuring 20,000 meters squared. Jijona, which is in the province of Alicante, is the heart of Turrón making, and where traditional artisanship and new technology combine.

El Lobo is a brand that is popular among several generations of Spanish. It has created a bond with loyal and lasting customers. It is part of the Spanish culture, present during each Christmas and its slogan "what great turrón!" and jingle is embedded in the memories of many in Spain.

If you would like to know more about the history of El Lobo please visit our Turrón Museum which is a part of our facilities where we produce our famous turrón. For more information on museum visits go to www.museodelturron.com